Born in 1952, Gérard Sioen began to photograph in 1974 during a long trip to the United – States, bet in search of the phographer Ernst Haas – His Master – He would never meet, but keep in mind the idéal of autrian photographer, devoted entirely to the worship of nature.


Tirelessly traversing the paths and trails, watching the sky, watching the clouds, Gérard Sioen watch out for idéal lightswill illuminate the architecture and landscape forming the reason for his photographic quest.

First dreamed, imagined, the photo will be taken later when the lighting is perfectly in place. Refusing filters and other accessories, he wants to show no effect and naturally communicate emotion at the beauty of the landscape.

Photographer, reporter, collector of pictures, he collects, accumulates and classifies his plates, accurately noting the names of area, as does an entomologist with the best pieces for show better, remembering.

It is transparent, diaphanous, diffuse,or sparkling, Gérard Sioen loves all the lights, because they know iris, splashing and sparkling shapes which, without them, would have no life, in the shadows.

He paids a tribute to the beauties of the world and at all the nature, with the secret hope to share his admiration, feeling so close to compliance.

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